Jamie Jambo’s Ultimate Birthday Party Checklist!

Jamie Jambo’s Ultimate Birthday Party Checklist!

We all want a special day for our child, one that they will cherish for many years to come! The Idea of sitting back, relaxing and seeing our children enjoying the special day that mum and dad have created and not feeling stressed with the organisation may seem impossible. However, this is all about to change! I know as a parent, you want to enjoy the special day too as much as your children and share those precious memories and moments. By following my essential party checklist below you can eliminate the worry and stress and focus on sharing your child’s special day with them!


8-6 weeks before

Sit down with your child and discuss the different options and what they would like to do for their big day. Book entertainment and venue as early as possible! Most weekends are full for me 6-8 weeks in advanced. Always remember there are far more party venues around then there are good quality entertainers.


4-3 weeks before

Send out invitations nice and early so people can RSVP the date before they make plans to go away on holiday or make other arrangements. 4-2 weeks is usually enough time to keep the date clear. You can download and print Jamie Jambo Invitations FREE by (clicking here)  http://jamiejambo.com/booking/ The next step is to start shopping for party supplies such as tableware and decorations and decide on a party theme. Planning a shopping list now is a great idea which will save you time and hassle as the weeks get closer.


3-2 weeks before

By now, you should have your confirmed number of guests which are attending your party. Now is a great time to contact any guests that were unsure if they can make it or not or who haven’t replied yet.


2-1 weeks before

Arrange balloon and birthday cake order with your local party supplier and cake maker. Balloons and birthday cake should be picked up the night before or the morning on the day of the party. It’s always a wise idea to double check arrangement’s with hall and entertainer (only if they haven’t got in contact with you already.) Every professional entertainer will send you booking confirmation with your confirmed party details.


A couple of days before the party!

It’s now time to go shopping for party food. Remember children have tiny tummy’s and the majority of children just fancy a quick bite to eat. Try to keep party food simple and easy. It’s most likely that the Children will not remember the food they had eaten after the party has finished. A good balance of vegetables, savory and sweet foods are a good mix. Children love variety!!


 Essentials on the BIG DAY!

  • Blue Tack
  • Birthday Candles
  • Matches/ Lighter
  • Camera fully charged
  • Sticky tape
  • Paper and Pen for jotting down those telephone numbers.(Make sure you have all parents contact numbers for children attending!)
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Bin Bags
  • Baby Wipes
  • Plastic plates and cutlery
  • Tea/Coffee and nibbles for Mummies and Daddies that decide to stay
  • Cake knife
  • Hall Key and Entertainers booking confirmation


Before the Party Top Tips!

  1. Make sure there are no balloons on the floor if you have an entertainer, this can be extremely distracting for children watching the performance!
  2. Balloons outside the party venue let guests and entertainer know where the party is!
  3. A large table to one side of the room for your child’s friends to put there presents on!
  4. Getting the children to write their name on stickers is fun for them and it helps you remember their name too. it’s also handy to keep an eye on any children that may need special attention on the day.
  5. putting a few chairs for the parents at the back of the hall encourages them to stay and is great if you fancy an extra helping hand. Mums love getting involved, Especially when it’s a special occasion!


After the Party!

That’s an easy one. Sit back, relax and enjoy the memories from the day!

If you have any questions about organising your little ones special day. Don’t be afraid to contact Jamie Jambo direct by calling or sending an email! We would love to here from you!


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