Are Joint Birthday Parties Double The Fun Or Double The Stress?

Are Joint Birthday Parties Double The Fun Or Double The Stress?

The majority of parents book a birthday party for one child but did you know that there are so many benefits sharing your child’s special day with his/hers friends?

Planning a joint birthday party may not have crossed your mind or maybe your perception of hosting a joint party is that it will add more stress due to the number of children attending. There are many factors to think about when organising your child’s birthday party but sharing a birthday party will be one of the best idea’s you can make yet!

Below you will find lots of benefits as to why this will be the best decision you have made yet!!

The more children attending the better the party atmosphere! 

I cannot stress enough how much of a difference this makes to the overall party and the atmosphere. You may be worried about inviting 30-40 children but remember your entertainer will keep them occupied, entertained and controlled so you don’t have to. Having more children attending helps with interaction which boosts the children’s energy levels making the perfect party atmosphere! Nobody likes a quiet birthday party!

It’s a win win for all! 

If you are on a strict budget and you need to keep the costs down then sharing your party with another child means that you can go half and half to keep costs down. This could be for the entertainment, party food, hall hire or all of the costs involved. It will make a huge difference to the end cost.

Two lots of parents means easier work! 

Setting up the tables and decorating the venue on your own can be simple and straight forward but having an extra helping hand at the start and end of your party can really help you relax. We always recommend booking your venue with 30 minutes either side to set up and pack down.  Did you could save an extra 15 minutes by having a helping hand? You could spend this time having a family picture and capturing some special moments before everyone arrives.


It saves two parties clashing on the same day! Nobody likes a party war! 

You’ve spent time filling in the party invitations and all of a sudden you hear another child has a party on the same date from the same class. What do you do? You could move the date and resend the invitations or you could just simply share the same party on the same date!


Parents love to get involved with the birthday tea! 

More parents are on hand to help you serve the party food and keep those little ones drinks topped up and hydrated. You will not have to ask the other parents to help as they will naturally want to join in and take part. This will really help take away lots of stress as this is the biggest part for many parents when hosting a party. It’s always a nice idea to have a few nibbles for the parents or you can ask them to help themselves to some of the party food too. This will save on wasted food at the end of the party and It’s also a great way to say thanks!


So there we have it, hosting a joint party isn’t as bad as you though after all! There may be more children and parents but your party will be a breeze and most importantly fun for all of the children and your guests. If we can help with your party arrangements?  Simply get in touch by sending an email to or you can give us a call on 01202,901262.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and making your party a huge success!!

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